Free Range Certified Organic Eggs

We’ve found across our journey that happy hens lay great eggs.

There has been a lot of coverage of free range egg practises highlighted by Choice’s assessment. Here at Yamstick we’re proud of our sustainable farming practices and our care for both our hens and the environment.

As a certified organic operation we are compliant with the ACO’s requirements to ensure we maintain our organic certification. The key organic operating criteria and Yamstick’s standard approach is:


Domesticated chickens are said to originate from wild fowl found in the jungles of South East Asia. Here at Yamstick these conditions are replicated with over 70% of our property still covered in native hardwood forest ecosystems including sub tropical rainforest remnants. It is also a major catchment for our valley.

Our hens love foraging through Yamstick’s native pastures and waterways. Our riparian (banks of a natural waterway) zone planting, commenced way back in 1998 under a Landcare initiative, provide natural and interesting patches for the chickens to scratch and forage. Our riparian zones provide other benefits including slowing the flow of water through our property and safeguarding against erosion plus ugly, unnecessary wash outs. They act as wild life corridors and encourage biodiversity.

We reckon that if you want the freshest, tastiest organic produce there is then the best way is to grow it yourself in your own backyard. If you’re not lucky enough to be able to do that then try the next best thing, from our backyard.

Each of our sheds are moved twice weekly, weather permitting. This is done to avoid excessive deterioration of our pastures. When the layers are first released onto fresh pasture the chooks initially show a genuine sense of excitement. This quickly transitions to contentedness across the entire flock as they fossick around within their own individual patch of fresh pasture, scratching and searching for items of interest. It makes the extra effort all worthwhile.

If the sheds are moved too large a distance then a portion of the hens will huddle expectantly at dusk at the old shed site awaiting assistance to return them to the overnight safety of their sheds.